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Love Note Journal

An Idea for Communication and Intimacy in Marriage.

A couple months ago I saw a post on how to start a couples Journal. The idea sparked joy in my heart instantly and I knew this was for us! When we were dating my husband and I used to write each other notes ALL the time. He’d leave cute love notes on my car after church, send emails during the day or drop a message before bed to say how much he loved me. We’re talking poetry, cards, pictures; the works! However when we got married the need for that much communication kinda stopped, fizzled, went poof. Not because we stopped loving each other, but because we saw each other all the time. We not only lived together, but we worked together as well. Our focus moved on to the demands of work, married life, kids and all that brings. 

Enter the Couples Journal! 

The anticipation of a love note, word of affirmation or heartfelt communication has brought back a freshness and a fair amount of spice back into our marriage. I get butterflies when I see it laying on my bedside table. Not only do I see glimpses of the man that once woo’d me before marriage, but as we share our hearts on those blank pages I see glimpses of the man He is becoming and I am falling in love all over again. 


How to start a couples journal

Um… get a journal 🙂

Yeah yeah…obvious I know! But since you’re both going to be using it, maybe choose something that will appeal aesthetically to both of you. You can pick up some cute journals here, here, or here where you can also personalize them! Bonus right?!.  

Discuss your expectations


I chat more about expectations in marriage here. It’s important that you’re on ‘the same page’ (I couldn’t help myself!). How often will you write to each other. Once a week? Everyday? Maybe you’d like to be surprised. Just make sure that you both have the same understanding of how you’re going to use it. 

The handover

How are you going to pass it back and forth? Maybe you’ll want to leave it a predetermined place. Perhaps you’ll leave it on each others bedside table or hide it to be found randomly. Such excitement! Such anticipation!

Write your heart out!

From single words of affirmation to long love letters. This is your special book. Just for the two of you. Only your own imagination holds you back. And for the creatives? why not embellish it a little with cute stickers or dreamy tape.  

How are you cultivating intimacy in your marriage?

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