3 steps towards spiritual Growth

3 Steps Towards Spiritual Growth You Can Take TODAY

I truly desire to grow in spiritual maturity and to walk closer with God and I long to develop a relationship with him that is deep, meaningful and life changing.  But honestly, the overwhelming day-to-day happenings of life such as folding laundry, washing dishes and doing homework with my children, seem to leave little space …



At Kids church we’ve been looking at the Life of Jesus. This week we focused on the Sermon on the Mount. Specifically the RADICAL statements Jesus made around being blessed.  As I went around the room and asked each child what it meant to them to be blessed, they rattled off a list of typical blessings: …


10 verses to pray when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Overwhelmed.  You know what I’m talking about…Overtired. Overstressed. Over it. I’ve just come through a season where I have felt SO overwhelmed. Anxious. Fearful even. I felt like there wasn’t enough time…that I didn’t have enough energy…that I wasn’t enough. Just ask anyone who happened to cross my path. Oh my goodness! I had gone …

Fierce Marriage
Book Reviews

Fierce Marriage: by Ryan and Selena Frederick

*As an AMAZON associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This helps to pay for my coffee addiction 🙂 Fierce Marriage is a book AND a podcast.  I’ve been listening to The Fierce Marriage Podcast for over a year now and it always leaves me feeling encouraged, energized and motivated to put God at the centre …